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Winter Uniform

The school has arranged the winter uniform from a well known tailoring firm,

for the supply of the approved cloths and other materials S.S Uniforms shop no 145-B .

0124-2326225.For boys it is striped shirts (full sleeves),Navy bliue trousers (toxii).Accessories;School tie (Navy blue with stripes),Navy blue scoks with stripes ,School belt,Navy Blue sweaters and Navy blue blazers, scarves ,gloves ,black shoes.

For Girls; Stiped shirt (full sleeves),Navy blue skirts( 1 to v),Stripped shirt (full sleeves)and Navy blue salwar(vi to xii).

ACCESSORIES ;School tie, Navy blue scoks with sripes ,school belt, Navy blue sweaters and Navy blue blazers ,Scarves,caps ,gloves,black hair band,ribbon,black shoes.

In case the work man ship is found to be unsatisfactory they will repair/alter/replace the uniform whatever coast involved.

N.B; we are also shifting to winter timings from 7.45 am to 2.00 pm.

it is mandatory to wear the winter uniform from 7 th november 2016

Rev.FR.Jose Stephen


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Winter Uniform

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