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St. Michael’s senior secondary school
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Our educational institution is dedicated to St.Micheal the Archangel. He is the Patron of our school. The word "angel" means, "messanger". Angels are pure spirits who are God's messengers to humankind. St.Micheal is called not only an "angel" but an "Archangel" because of the highly important role he plays in the heavenly order in the communication of God's message to humankind.

Some angels are known by their proper names which indicates their power and work. "Michael" in Hebrew means, "who is like God" which was the battle cry of the good Angels when they drove Satan from Heaven. From very early times St.Michael has been invoked in the care of the sick; all who bathed in his medical spring near Colossae and prayed to him and the Holy Trinity were healed; and near Constantinople the sick used to spend the night in his Church in the hope of a cure.

In the Catholic tradition St.Michael is the one who fights Satan and defeats him, thus rescuing the souls of the just from his grasp. The 29th September is probably the date on which the ancient Roman Basilica to "St.Michael and All Angels" was dedicated in the 6th century, but that building disappeared over a thousand yearsago. In England "Michaelmas Day" is one of the regular days on which quarterly rents and the accounts are settled. St.Michael is the Patron Saint of grocers and guardian of all mountain places

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