Affilated to CBSE
St. Michael's senior secondary school
Shivpuri, Gurgaon - 122001

St. Michael's sr sec School

St. Michael's senior secondary school is a catholic minority educational institute acknowledge by the national minorities commission New Delhi. Owned, managed and run by the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, imparting education to students irrespective of their sex, caste, creed and religion to strengthen their inter-communal and inter-culture ties among the students, so that they learn to respect all religions and cultures of our country and strive to achieve

"Unity in diversity", as part of God's plan for humanity. It is an English medium co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and Directorate of education Haryana. (Affiliation no. 530210 and school code no. 04231)

Established in 1954 as a modest endeavor, St. Michael's has been scaling many heights over the years. The aim of the school is to provide an all round formation of the students and to impart sound education by inculcating healthy study habits, discipline, self-reliance and moral values. Besides the school intends to shape every student to a wholesome personality, ensuring good character, genuine love for humanity and true service to the fellow human being as well as developing qualities of leadership, independent thinking , courageous outlook and adhere to principles.

The peer group is hailing from different social strata with diverse activities and areas of involvement all combine to speak for the outreaching nature of the institution. Over the years, the school has assumed remarkable success in all direction scholastic and co-Scholastic activities are designed to shape new individuals. Together they associate to create and build up intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, social, moral and physical preparedness of the child values instilled and discipline acquired must make, the children work to create a new development and new society and all a new India where people accept one another as kings. Thus we Michaelians visualize a better country with a better citizen, a better world with better people.

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